Side Trips

Our Garden:  Watch us build a brick garden.

Model Gliders - The PelicansPhotos and a short narrative about a club that flies radio-controlled gliders.

Visit to the Coast Guard Barque EaglePhotos of the deck of the Eagle when the Tall Ships visited St. Petersburg, FL.

The EarthBox:  Watch the petunias grow in this amazing gardening box.

Night Blooming Cereus in Paradise:  Attend a "Cereus Party" and witness the spectacular blooms.

Sparky, The Comutacar,  Comes HomeHow I entered the wonderful world of electric vehicles.

Sparky (Part II): Sparky Goes to 'Bama:  Sparky visits the C-Car Hospital for a checkup.

Sparky Comes Home From 'Bama:  Glen Steven of  EV Performance brings Sparky home.

St. Petersburg Photos:   Random photos taken in St. Petersburg

2011 Tampa Dragon Boat Races:  Human interest shots taken during race week.



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