Wooden Boat School

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In the little town of Brooklin, Maine, on the Down East Coast, there's a place called Wooden Boat School (WBS).  Every summer a group of the best boatbuilders/designers  in the United States and Canada go there to teach the craft of wooden boatbuilding.  Courses include the building of skiffs, kayaks, canoes, prams, wherries, and a variety of other boats.  There are also courses in seamanship, joiner work, marine carving, and more.  Most of the courses are a week long and start on a Monday morning. 

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View from the loft of WBS Shop The pond behind the WBS Shop
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The WBS Dormitory The WBS Dormitory Living Room/Library
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Half model in the WBS Dining Room WBS Dining Room
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WBS wooden/antique boat fleet Brooklin General Store
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Students assemble a stem and transom A partially completed "Charlotte" by Tom Hill

WBS maintains a dormitory and dining room for it's students.   Accommodations are reasonable and the food is out of this world!  Also available is a campground, Laundromat, and a fleet of wooden boats which the students may use before and after classes. Wooden Boat School ranks as one of my all-time great experiences and I would recommend it to anyone.  For more information, check out the WBS site at:  www.thewoodenboatschool.com.

Note:  I attended WBS almost 10 years ago, which is when these photos were taken.  Hopefully, little has changed.

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